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Pictures from the Past

My Spiritual brother Frans

We Enjoy Fire, Dance and Drums

Our Drummer friends
Murray and Jimmy
beating some skin

A Typical Spiritual show

At play with our Fire Friends

Kiwiburn 2008, The Man

My Spiritual sister Kay

Lots of Crystals to look at

Fire Spinning and Drumming
takes us around the country

Some of our Drummer Friends

My Spiritual brother Gavin

More of our Crystals to play with

I love Spinning Fire, it's one of natures elements and very powerful

Each show is Different, our array of beautiful crystals is always changing but our customers constantly tell us how much they love our display.

Another festival,
another Drum Circle Workshop

Prana is one of our
Favourite  Festivals

Every Witch needs a Broomstick, I saw the sign, a friend was selling the brooms and with little encouragement another friend donned her cloak and joined in the photo shoot. A good chuckle can go a long way.

The Magick Earth Festival,
our participants decided that MEF was an easier name and also stood for
"Most Excellent Fun"

Like many of our products, we started stocking Cauldrons in response to our customers requests.

Word stones like these are a great way to spread crystals around, you can even give them to non crystals people.

we always carry an interesting array of crystal wands, different shapes and many different crystals.

We stock a range of Pagan and New age books, Louise Hay is always popular but also many lesser known titles and authors.

Amethyst is always beautiful

Citrine is Amethyst that has transformed with heat to it's next evolution.

Our giftware includes these lovely brass Ankh's

Candle holders can be made from many different crystals, these Agates are cut to let the light from a tee light candle shine thru

This is Selenite, it is amazing because a small amount of light will make the whole rock light up.

A Lovely Rose Quartz Candle holder.

A large range of Crystal Balls can also always be found on the stall


Events where you can 'find' us and many of
the other members of our various Families

Note: These Dates and Venues may change without notice so check the website or contact pete@mindbodyandspirit.co.nz or 021 0572722
Our Drum Circle's are in Blue       Our Spiritual events are in Green
Other Organiser's events are in Olive        Fire & Juggling events are in Red
Regular Pagan gatherings are in Purple

Tuesday Fire Night at Tahaki reserve, is back in action from 7pm
Saturday 11am to 1pm ish Havago Circus at Browns bay beachfront
Sunday 2pm Drum circle at Potters park Band Rotunda Balmoral is on hold 

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Schedule of Events

Tthings are pretty empty here as I am away working in Australia for a few months

Friday December 19th to Sunday 21st, 3rd Annual MEF Auckland Summer Solstice Festival
Camp Rutherford, Whitford, (south east) Auckland
The venue has very limited dorm space but plenty of room for camping in tents.
Price for the 2 nights is: Adults $55, Kids $25 to stay in a tent,
Price includes Dinner each night. It's $25 extra to stay in the Dorm for the 3 nights. Other meals are available to purchase from the Magick Kitchen or bring your own. Bank account for Rego: National bank Magick Earth Festival 06-0383-0195035-00 Important: !!! Please place your name in the reference !!!
We welcome you all, and encourage you to tell any friends and family who may be interested about us and our festivals.
Day visitors are welcome on Saturday $5 per adult, kids free
For more details you can phone or text Pete on 021 0572722
Email: pete@mindbodyandspirit.co.nz
Community Dinners: I believe that sitting down and eating dinner together helps to build our sense of community so I always like to make a Community Dinner a part of my events, I also encourage you to sit with somebody you don't yet know.
* * * * * * * * * *

Dec 30th to Jan 3rd, The Prana New Years Party is based in a small piece of paradise on the Coromandel, a lovely beach with lots of camping under the trees. People come from all over the country every year to attend this great family event with it's workshops, market place, chill space and entertainment. It is a commercial event but for the organisers it's not about money, it's about the experience and the sense of family created by everybody involved. We have a stall there that we take turns running because we also run and attend interesting workshops and then in the evening we take over the big Tepee and encourage a drum circle that the dancers can also enjoy. Sitting on the beach to watch the sun come up over the ocean is something you should do at least once, just take a warm blanket as the sand gets cold.
* * * * * * * * * *